The UX of Passwords

January 28th 6:30–9:00pm at Substantial (900 E. Pine St. Seattle WA 98122)

We live in a Social Sharing Era where single sign-on options are the norm, data and applications have moved to the cloud, and the proliferation of private information on personal devices is systemic. Is this because we users feel safer? Or have we realized that cyber security is an illusion?

Claire Carlson will take us through an overview of the first line of defense in the world of cyber crime: Passwords. As the monetization of our personal data becomes increasingly important in the business world, so does protecting access to that data.

Drawing from a recent participant survey, Claire will report the latest findings on the user experience of passwords and how our behaviors and attitudes will shape the future of cyber security. She will discuss potential solutions to reduce vulnerabilities and improve the overall user experience.

With the Gartner Group reporting that 20% to 50% of all help desk calls are for password resets, and Forrester Research stating that the average help desk labor cost for a single password reset is about $70, it’s time to stop leaving that money on the table. A better password user experience can help.

About Claire Carlson

Claire Carlson is an established Interaction Designer and User Research for Blink UX, a Seattle-based research and design firm specializing in the user experience of digital products. She has a B.S. degree in Human-Centered Design and Engineering from the University of Washington. Claire focuses on finding clever and elegant design solutions to improve the experience of buying a home, researching cancer treatment options, and everything in between. She also has experience leading usability and user research studies, and is a regular contributor to the Blink UX thought leadership blog. Follow her on Twitter at @thenextux