Code as a Design Tool

October 28th 6:30–9:00pm at Code Fellows (511 Boren Ave. N Seattle, WA)

Should designers learn to code?

The design landscape has become so dependent on motion, data, user input and context that the role of a designer has changed. It’s no longer about how a design looks but how it feels and reacts to input. Validation of interaction designs and concepts often need to be realized, tested and documented before visual design is finalized and development begins. Code as a design tool can give you the super power to do these things.

Jordan Dobson will take us through how he switched to designing with code over 10 years ago, what he does today, how to be a future thinking design leader and prepare yourself for the design landscape of today. He’ll also talk about how to save time in your design process, approaches for testing, recommended prototype tools, local meetups / mentors and how to get started using code in your workflow simply and gradually.

As companies like Facebook have begun to require every designer to take a crash course in prototyping with code to validate their ideas, it won’t be long before others follow. It’s not just for small startups anymore.

Code is a very powerful design tool. A designer learning a beginner to intermediate level of coding won’t make a great developer, instead it will increase their abilities tremendously.

About Jordan Dobson:

Jordan Dobson lives in Tacoma, Washington and is currently a Designer / Prototyper for the OneNote Experience Design team at Microsoft lead by Sean Wolcott. Prior to that he was the sole Design / Developer for iOS & a member of the Office Fabric UI Front End Framework Team shipping code to millions of OneDrive users. Other roles include Lead Prototyper / Designer for Sway at Microsoft, Design Prototyper for Groupon’s recent rebrand and Lead Mobile Designer / Front End Developer for Expedia’s first mobile web experience for over 20 Global markets. Before that Jordan was the Owner / Designer of the Creative Design & Development agency, Squad, for 10 years where he did everything from self funding two mobile focused startups to 100s of projects in branding, motion, animation, programming and print design for clients in the music and entertainment industry.

Previous clients he's has worked with include T-Mobile, Xbox, Sencha Touch, Montage Studio, jQuery Mobile, Sony, Warner Bros, Geffen, Tooth And Nail, Lindsey Buckingham, Billy Idol, Thrice and Madonna. He’s a recent graduate of two University of Washington certificates in iOS & Mac Application Development and Ruby Programming. He’s also a co-host of the monthly meetup FramerJS Seattle Prototyping for Designers where he helps mentor those new to prototyping.

Hosted at Code Fellows