DOUBLE HEADER EVENT! "Caucus? There is an App for that!" and "Moneyball for Performance Metrics"

February 24th 6:30–9:00pm at MOZ HQ (1100 2nd Ave #500, Seattle, WA 98101)

This month Refresh Seattle is proud to bring not one, but TWO amazing topics in February!

Caucus? There is an App for that

Jon Culver will be talking about Bern Advisory, a web app built to educate voters about the caucus process for selecting a presidential candidate, which is used in Washington and around the country. We'll talk about how to caucus in Washington, some of the technologies and approaches I used in building Bern Advisory, and about the opportunities for making politics and governmental happenings more transparent and accessible for the people they serve.

Jon Culver is a technology enthusiast who has been building web sites for the better part of two decades. He's currently working at a startup called Fitcode, and is also building some tools in support of the Bernie Sanders campaign. Jon is a big fan of stargazing, karaoke, and making bets.

Moneyball for Performance Metrics

The story behind Moneyball was centered around using metrics— newer, out-of-the-norm metrics— to build a better performing baseball team. This strategy of measurement was wildly successful, squeezing out more wins for less money. That works for baseball, why can’t it work for the web? Focusing on our most commonly measured stats only paints half the picture. In this talk, Jeff will use those same ideas to give you better ways to determine the quickness at which users can access your site and help you turn up your speed.

Jeff is a developer over at npm, inc. He writes a whole lot of code and the occasional post for A List Apart, has guest lectured and TA'd for Ada Developers Academy, and is a former member of the jQuery Mobile team. Jeff lives in Seattle where he obsesses over oyster happy hours and how to make the best negroni. He dreams of someday owning a hot tub boat.

Event Notes:

Doors will open @MOZ at 6:30pm. The event will start promptly at 7:00pm.

To cover expenses of these events, we are asking for a $5 registration fee per attendee. This charge will help cover snacks and refreshments served at the events as well help cover event related costs. We appreciate your support.

Please be sure to bring your Eventbrite ticket as we will require checkin for the event. Tickets may be purchased at the event, cash only.